Emeritus Program

Program Description

Classes provide opportunities for personal growth and development. Students learn skills for mental well-being, physical fitness, and economic self sufficiency. Instruction is focused for adults age 55+ and all ages are welcome.

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Emeritus Program SLOs

  • SDCE older adult students acquire interpersonal skills to function effectively in a multicultural and diverse environment by comparing and evaluating their work in a respectful manner.
  • SDCE older adult students communicate facts, ideas, and feelings clearly by practicing verbal and non-verbal techniques.
  • SDCE older adult students analyze their progress toward lifelong learning goals through engaging in interactive communicative activities that promote critical thinking.
  • SDCE older adults prioritize, select, and engage in learning activities to promote positive aging in the 21st century.

Acting Program Dean & Resident Site Dean CE Mesa

Leslie Quinones lquinone@sdccd.edu
North City Mesa College Campus
7350 Armstrong Place San Diego, CA 92111
P: 618-388-1800
F: 858-627-2563

Program Chair

Pat Mosteller


Assistant Program Chair(s)

Charlene Schade